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Important rule changes for 2018

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This site is under new management and will receive regular updates. Consider it to be the official source of all rules and event details. All events will also be in our Facebook group Clarington Woods. We encourage all players to join our group to keep up with current news.

We have a great season planned out for 2018. There will be some changes this year, both to the field and our rules. Every year we learn new things about operating this field. Every year we make changes that we hope will improve the experience for everyone. 2018 will see some noticeable changes.

Field safety rules are being updated. We will be implementing a barrel bag policy in the safe area. Feedback from players and game staff agree that this is a simple and effective way to improve safety. Since dry fire incidents and mag-in infractions continue we have no choice but to improve safe area security. There will also be a change to bolt action FPS limitations. This will only affect those without sniper certification. Further details about these changes and others will be found in their own dedicated articles on this site.

The field itself will also see some upgrades. There will be a new flag station added soon. Construction of the Prison Camp will begin as early as possible. Also,expect to see more vehicles available for use this season. The Unimog is expected to return as well as a jeep or two. We hope that the new flag point and vehicles will help us make use of more of the field.

Aside from our regular Skirmish days we will be increasing the number of Clarington Nights 12hour games this season. Please see our event schedule for info Events. These events will now be prepay only and planned further in advance.We also have a 24 hour game planned for the end of the season. This is a very aggressive goal and I am counting on all the players who have been asking for these type of games. Let's make this the most successful season for our Mini-Milsims.

Maple Storm 4. Clarington Wood's signature event is entering its 4th chapter this year. The continuing conflict between the Coalition and Claringstan will be heating up. We learned a lot last year when Maple Storm 3 set an attendance record for Clarington Woods. We freely admit we were not prepared for the number of people who came out for that game. This year will be different. We have plans in place to deal effectively with the large number of players needing to get registered. The format of the game will remain the same but we will be changing Medic rules and the mandatory lunch break. We will still be providing BBQ for lunch but in a way that does not halt the game. Prize raffle to end the event as always.

These are some of the major changes headed our way for 2018. As always, Clarington Woods takes player feedback seriously. That is where most of these improvements come from. We look forward to seeing you for Opening Day-May 5th,2018 for our annual Pancake Day Game.


From the staff of Clarington Woods

At the time of this writing the website is still technically under construction. Please check back regularly and keep an eye on the facebook group Clarington Woods for more info.

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