• What is the Field FPS Max?

    The field fps limit is 400fps with a .20g BB for all semi or full automatic firearms. Bolt action and Snipers Rifles may not exceed 450 FPS with a .20g BB if the player has a functioning sidearm and an understanding of safe sniper rifle use (eg. engagement distances). Make game control aware of your intent to Snipe beyond the 400fps limit so your rifle can be chronographed prior to the game.
  • I'm New to Airsoft, Do you Guys Offer Rentals?

    Yes, there are multiple rental guns up for rent for $20 for the day, also there will be Bio BB's, goggles, masks, for Sale / Rent.
  • How do I Tell my Team Apart?

    Most games are ran Tan vs Woodland, although in the event of the teams being unbalanced this may change.
  • Are you allowed to use Mesh Goggles or Safety Glasses?

    FULL SEAL BALLISTIC EYE WEAR ONLY. No mesh or safety glasses permitted. Protective eye wear must be worn at ALL TIMES on the field and at the Range.
  • What is the Age Requirement to Play?

    No one under 18 will be permitted on the field or to handle any airsoft weapons unless the current event has been advertised for those under age 18. All persons must sign a personal waiver to participate in an airsoft event. Persons age 15-17 must have an accompanying an adult sign their waiver. Persons age 12-14 must have an accompanying adult with them on the field.
  • Is there Food / Drinks for Sale?

    Yes, there will normally be a barbecue cooking such things as hot dogs, hamburgers, and sausages for sale.
  • What should I wear?

    Good footwear like boots. loose pants, light jacket, knee pads and gloves. Dress for the weather.
  • What Type of BBs Are we Allowed to Use?

    The only BBs we allow are biodegradable BBs. NO SILVER OR METAL BBS ARE ALLOWED!
  • What is the Field Like?

    Moderately dense maple tree forest with valleys and ridges, multiple structures in an open area for intense close quarters CQB action. Site is perfect for snipers, with 10+ acres of playing area. You going to want to bring some bug spray.
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